Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Foodie Snacks Recommends: The Healthier Chorizo Alternative For Your Eggs

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Do you really love the taste of chorizo but don't like how unhealthy it is for you? Fear not, I have the same dilemma. For those that don't know what chorizo is, it is basically fatty pork sold in sausage links, at least the popular Mexican version is. I can't tell you how greasy it is, as I used to eat it as a kid, and if you don't drain the grease. it's so greasy it that will drip from your food. That's why it tastes so good after all.

One of the most well known ways to eat chorizo is to combine it in your eggs which is the only way I've really eaten it. I love putting it in my eggs because it's super tasty but even though I'm a foodie I still like to find healthier ways of eating the things I enjoy. Chorizo is one that I haven't conquered by doing just that, until now that is. In doing so, it feels like I've discovered the holy grail...that's because tonight for the first time, I ate an alternative to chorizo in my eggs where it tasted exactly the same as eating the unhealthy pork version. I'm really excited and I want to share it with you because I didn't think it was possible to do this. You'd never believe what we substituted the meat for. Ground turkey of all things!

How did we do it? Just by simply making a our famous ground turkey meat mix that we use for our weekly turkey taco meals. You can find that right on our Off The Menu blog in the post entitled Turkey Tacos: Healthy But Satisfying Then it's as easy as combining with your eggs.

On a final note, I highly recommend your turkey meat be exactly how the recipe calls for it because I don't think this would work as well if you just throw a taco seasoning on the ground turkey. We've perfected this ground turkey meat recipe over the years through trial and error and it will knock your socks off. Try it and you'll see.

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