Saturday, February 4, 2012

Foodie Snacks Recommends: Café Bistro All Natural Butter Cookies

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Sometimes as a foodie life can be hard, I'll eat something really good and then I think I have to share it with the world. Case in point, these to die for butter cookies. I've always been a butter cookie kind of guy (weird I know) but it's true and so when I happened upon these Cafe Bistro Butter Cookies, I just had to try them. This is especially true because I'm a big fan of all natural food these days.

In all my butter cookie days, I have not had a butter, I mean better tasting butter cookie! The package says it all, "Rich Crisp Butter Cookies". That's exactly how they taste. They need a put a warning on the package though that says once you start eating these, you're going to have to use sheer will power of super human strength to stop. That's just how delicious and additive they are. I mean, I almost ate the whole package to be quite honest with you.

If eating the whole package wasn't enough, I had to go and dip them in my now world famous homemade chocolate syrup (not really world famous, not now anyway). By the way, here is a recipe for that Chocolate Syrup on my chocolate blog. Other than dipping them in chocolate, I'm seriously thinking about making some coffee later on and finishing the package off that I had to tear myself away from by dipping them in the coffee. I can just see that being a heavenly combo as well.

In closing, I don't do a lot of recommendations on this foodie adventure of a blog but it would almost be a crime not to recommend these and tell you where you might find em'. Where might that be? Apparently these awesome cookies happen to be a product of Germany, says so on the package. Maybe that's why I was able to find them at Aldi (German grocery that has become popular in Texas). If you don't have one of those in your neck of the woods, then you might try your nearest local German store. If all else fails, they might be sold on the net somewhere. Good luck finding them because once you do you'll know that you have a new addiction for your sweet tooth.

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