Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chili Tacos: A Meal Idea To Be Proud Of!

Tonight's dinner was brought to me courtesy of Tuesday's night delicious chili dinner. Even though, it was Tuesday's leftovers, it hit all the right tastes buds for tonight. How did this happen? I thought leftovers were supposed to be bland and tasteless? This can be true at times but when you're trying to stretch your grocery budget those cold leftovers can suddenly become appealing. In other words, those leftovers become as good as what you make them to be. And I made it to be something extraordinary by simply frying some corn tortillas and throwing the already awesome chili in there with some savory cheddar cheese.

Oh yeah, in case your wondering about that chili recipe, you're going to want to get your hands on it because it is truly award winning in the taste department. I'm giving you a friendly Texas hookup so head on over to my other blog and get that warm and satisfying chili recipe! Make a huge batch as the recipe calls for, eat it up and enjoy the chili then come back to your fridge the next day.. heat that chili up on the stove, fry yourself some of those corn tortillas and there ya go! Just an idea to two step your way into two great nights of chili!

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