Saturday, September 17, 2011

Unusual Foods: Alligator Tails!

Today, I've decided to try something different. It will be a new category of posts to keep a look out for on this blog. It will be called unusual foods and it will feature grub that you may or may not be enticed to try. My mood has been kind of agitated today (general job issues...nothing serious) but it makes me think of when my dad teased the alligators at Brazos Bend State Park when I was a kid. Brave...maybe... smart.. maybe not so much but it was interesting to watch him throw this fishing line in the direction of these gators in the swamp. To say, they got agitated would be an understatement! Now, you know why I'm posting alligator as the unusual food for this post because they get very agitated when you mess with them and that's exactly how I feel today!

Not to be overly negative, I'll start off by saying eating alligator tails reminded me of watching a movie that was average but leaning towards bad... you can say you saw it but you wouldn't think of ever watching it again... which is why I wouldn't eat gator tails ever again....obivously this was my first time! To give you an idea of how they tasted... kind of like chicken but no where as tasty. What's worse, is the fact that they were kind of rubbery in spots and hard to chew. Ok, maybe some of you have tried these critters and have your own opinion about them but if I ever see a fried gator on my plate again...oh wait I won't ever see it on my plate again and that's a good thing! Finally, can someone please tell me if there is another part of the gator that actually tastes good because my guess is there isn't! Not only that, can you please tell me if there's any good way to serve a gator?


  1. I've tried alligator on a stick at the fair. It kind of tastes like a fishy pork. Nice blog!

  2. NMOS, I really appreciate your feedback and answering my question. Fishy pork uhh? That doesn't sound too appetizing. Thanks for the heads up on that one. :) I guess the jury is still out on a good way to eat gator. Anybody?
    Best Foodie Wishes,