Thursday, September 12, 2013

Game Day: The Mighty Buffalo Winged Sandwich

A little zest in life is always a good thing... so add some spice at lunch with this delicious buffalo winged chicken sandwich on toasted bread. It's very mighty and winged I might add and covered with a bit of Ranch which compliments my home made buffalo sauce which I smothered the chicken with. What's even better is that I ate this while watching my favorite NFL team this Sunday and they won! What better way to celebrate the start of football season by making this mighty sandwich.

The process for making this sandwich actually began the night before at dinner when we made Boneless Buffalo Wings with home made wing sauce and made it worth it by making a feast like portion. Of course, our stomach was not big as we thought and we had leftovers. Hey we love leftovers.... and better yet it allowed the wing sauce to throughly soak into the chicken overnight which made it mouth watering awesome for this sandwich. So long story short, that's how we suggest you go about making the buffalo chicken and have a "buffalo wing game day" kind of weekend like we did. Two or three days of eating Boneless Buffalo Wings and still going strong...not a bad deal. That's why you gotta head over to our post on our Off The Menu blog entitled Game Day: Boneless Buffalo Wings With Wing Sauce for step by step directions in making the Buffalo Wings. Hey, you didn't think we'd leave you without the recipe did you? 

Ingredients for the sandwich (very simple once you make the chicken):
Boneless Buffalo Chicken 
Toasted bread or a hamburger bun will do just fine.

Serving suggestion with the sandwich? Nothing goes better with this spicy cool ranch buffalo sandwich than potato chips. In closing, we hope you're team wins as long as they don't beat ours! Even if they lose, hey you still got this very satisfying sandwich to comfort you and it will. Enjoy! 

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