Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend Foodie Snacks: Of Beignets & Cappuccino

Who says you need to go to New Orleans to enjoy the always satisfying French Donut, also known as the beignet. I might add, who needs to go to a coffee shop (although that's fun too if you can afford it these days) to enjoy a cappuccino. Speaking of cappuccino, I raved about how you can do them at home for a fraction of the price in my post entitled The Secret To Making Coffee House Quality Cappuccino At Home

If you're wondering how I did the beignets, (not exactly from scratch which is why I'm not posting a recipe) but probably almost just as good, look no further than the Beignet Mix by Cafe du Monde (1.75 pound (above).  Speaking of Cafe Du Monde, yes another shameless plug mind you (makes me think of the Garth Brooks song Shameless). I disgress, if you've never been there check out my post about Cafe Du Monde

To summarize, it wasn't a good food weekend. It was just terrible. Who wants to sip cappuccino and eat French Doughnuts covered in sugary sweet powdered sugar. Not me! Has my attempt at sarcasms gone hay wire or is it the wonder drug called caffeine in my cappuccino.  OK, here we go again, that reminds.. I had the privilege and the honor of eating this amazing sky high nacho plate today. Just look at it and if you live nearby I know you're going to go there, yes over here Yucatan Taco Stand  Here's another sip of cappuccino in honor of a post that has more plugs in it than a Elvis hairpiece... long live the King. Thank you, thank you very much.

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  1. looks good and i know taste really good,I have that " beignet mix " before